Chip tuning

Limiting the capacity of engines is today an approach that many car manufacturers make use of to create differences between their models and be able to charge more for extra horsepower. It is therefore common for models from the same manufacturer to have the same engine size and number of cylinders but different amounts of power. Chip tuning is a method that helps you utilize your engine’s full capacity without having to buy a more expensive car model.

Because the hardware in the engines is the same, the car manufacturers regulate the engine’s power with software. By limiting fuel injection and turbo, the engine’s capacity and power are throttled. Trimming your car with a power box or via OBD chip tuning therefore doesn’t exceed the limit of the engine capacity but only utilizes the resources that the engine already has.

Chipping the car can be achieved with power boxes or OBD programmers. Maxchip offers three types of power boxes:

Maxchip Pro – controls fuel injection.

Maxchip Premium – controls fuel injection and turbo with increased power output as the main target.

eChip – controls fuel injection and turbo with reduced fuel consumption as the main target.

And a product within OBD chip tuning:

Maxchip Flash is Maxchip’s OBD programmer. With this product you can download a light version of the car’s control file from the central computer (ECU). This file is then uploaded, which allows our developers to access it and optimize the file according to your specific wishes, such as:

    • Ecotuning
    • Step 1
    • Step 2 (DPF off/EGR off/VMAX)

If you decide to trim your car with chip tuning then there are some things you should bear in mind. One of them is to check that your power box / OBD programmer provider works within the safety margins set up by the car manufacturer for the specific engine. Also, it is important to keep an eye on the possibility of removing your power box or returning to your original control file if you choose to OBD optimize the car, to return the car to the original state. A third thing to check before you decide is whether the power box automatically adapts to your car or if it requires manual tuning. An OBD programmer is always adapted to your particular car, but for power boxes, manual settings may be required. This makes it difficult to move your power box between different cars.

Maxchip’s products meet all of these criteria. With long experience in chip tuning, we have gained many insights, both regarding the products and about what our customers need. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!