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How come you can get more power out of my engine when the car manufacturer can’t?
The simple answer is that they absolutely can, but they don’t always want to. The car manufacturers prefer to be able to sell the same engine with different control programs in order to offer a broader variety of products with different price tags. We utilize as much power as possible, taking into account the limitations of your specific car model.
What does the motor vehicle inspector say if they find a box installed on my car?
It depends on different car inspections and the people engaged in the car test. In general, power boxes and engine optimization are now beginning to become established in Sweden. Historically, “trimming” cars was usually frowned upon. The more consumers realize that they can save fuel and gain extra power, it is becoming more and more acceptable to optimize cars. If you are unsure, simply remove the box before inspection.
Do my car manufacturer's guarantees still apply if I optimize my car?
This can vary greatly from car manufacturer to car manufacturer, but generally all modifications to your car that have not been approved by the manufacturer are a basis for them to deny you your warranty. That is why many who still have a guarantee on their car choose to use a power box instead of optimizing the control file in the car. A power box does not change anything in the car after you have disconnected it.

The product

If I buy a new car, can I transfer my Maxchip to the new car?
Yes, Pro, Premium and eChip can easily be moved between vehicles but if you have chosen a completely different model you may need to add some new cables. Maxchip Flash is limited to the specific vehicle to which the programmer is connected. It can however be sent back to us to be unlocked (reset) for a fee.
Are Maxchip's power boxes optimally adapted to my car?
Yes, when you plug in one of our power boxes, they automatically set the most optimal settings for your car. This also allows you to move the box if you change cars.
Do you provide help with installation?
With each product follows a clear installation guide that helps you find the right connections. Neither special tools nor prior knowledge is required, and in the unlikely event that problems occur, you are always welcome to contact our customer service:
How does more power help save fuel?
By increasing the torque, which shows effects mainly at low and medium speeds, you can reach your ideal speed faster because you can shift faster. This means that the acceleration time, which draws most fuel, is shortened considerably.
Will I have lower fuel consumption?
Maxchip's products do not automatically lower your fuel consumption, no box available today can achieve that. However, you get lower torque, which in turn reduces your average fuel consumption, provided your driving style is the same as before the box was connected.
How much more power can I expect?
Maxchip's products increase your power and also your torque. The increase depends on several factors such as how old your car is, the condition of your car and the condition of a possible diesel particle filter. One would assume that all cars of a particular model are the same, but in fact they are all individuals who react slightly differently to our box. Therefore, you always have 30 days’ days right of return if you’re not satisfied!
Is it safe?
All Maxchip's products work within the safety margins set by the car manufacturer for the specific engine. When you order your box, the settings, software and connection cables will be adapted to the car model you select. 
Hos does Maxchip Flash work?
With Maxchip Flash, you get a personal OBD programmer with LCD touchscreen that you can plug into the diagnostic port on your car to increase the car's power and torque. By following the instructions on the screen, download a light version of the car's control file from the central computer (ECU). This file is then uploaded, which allows our developers to access it and optimize the file according to your specific wishes, such as: Ecotuning Step 1 Step 2 (DPF off/EGR off/VMAX)
How do Maxchip's power boxes work?
Maxchip Pro controls your car's fuel injection and thereby increases the car's power. Maxchip Premium and eChip also regulate the turbo, which gives you another component to optimize for even more power.


My order has not arrived.
When your order leaves our warehouse, you should have received an email with a tracking number that you can use to track your shipping. If you have not received any email, please contact our customer service and we will assist you.
How long is the delivery time?
Delivery time is between 2-5 working days from the time we dispatch your order. We provide free delivery within Sweden.
When is my item shipped?
Your item will be shipped within 24 hours from order. When the order is dispatched, you will receive an email from us with a tracking number so that you can track your shipment.


Is there any warranty on the products?
Yes, all Maxchip products come with a warranty! The warranty period varies between 1-2 years depending on the product. Under the menu item Products, you can go to the respective product to see which warranty period applies to that particular product.
How do I make a complaint?
If for some reason you need to make a complaint, please contact our customer service via the contact form under the Customer Service menu item on the website. In the case of complaints we of course cover the return shipping costs.


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