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Maxchip Flashtuning


About Maxchip Flash

Maxchip Flash is a professional OBD chip tuning that is customized for your car and your specific wishes. You get a personal OBD programmer with LCD touchscreen that you plug into the diagnostic port on your car. By following the instructions on the screen, download a light version of the car’s control file from the central computer (ECU). This file is then uploaded, which allows our developers to access it and optimize the file according to your specific wishes, such as:

  • Ecotuning
  • Step 1
  • Step 2 (DPF off/EGR off/VMAX)

Both your new optimized file and the original file are saved in your OBD programmer, which means that you can choose between using the optimized version or the original version. You can change between files whenever you want.

  • Up to 35% power increase
  • Up to 35% more torque

  • Up to 15% fuel savings
  • 24 month product warranty
  • Option for Ecotuning, Step 1 or Step 2 (DPF off / EGR off / VMAX)

This is what you get with Maxchip Flashtuning

Up to 35%
power increase

Up to 15%
fuel savings

Up to 35%
more torque

24 month
product warranty

30 day
return policy