Installation guide

Installing Maxchip’s products requires neither prior knowledge nor special tools. The installation is done in three simple steps, and each product comes with a specific instruction for that particular product and your car.  If you encounter problems, you are always welcome to contact our customer support and we will help you find a solution!

Power box (Maxchip Pro, Premium and eChip)

  1. Remove the engine cover
  2. Locate the sensors for Rail (R) or Rail (R) and Turbo (T) depending on the product you selected. With your product, we provide you with an instruction on where the sensors are in your particular engine.
  3. Connect the cables to the sensor(s) (depending on the product you selected).
  4. Install the box with cable ties and make sure it is not touching any moving or hot parts.

For a detailed installation guide, see the link in your order confirmation.

Removing the box

If for any reason you want to remove your power box, it is important that you first turn off the engine, lock the doors and wait 10 minutes before disconnecting the box.


OBD programmer (Maxchip Flash)

With Maxchip Flash you get a personal OBD programmer with LCD touchscreen that you can use to upload and download files in your car.

  1. Download Flash software for your PC (not supported for Mac)
  2. Connect the OBD programmer to the diagnostic port on your car
  3. Download the car’s control file by following the instructions on your LCD touch screen
  4. Connect the OBD programmer to your computer and upload the file to our file centre

We optimise your file according to your requirements

You can then download your file from us and upload it to the car

For a detailed installation guide, see the link in your order confirmation.