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Maxchip Pro


About Maxchip Pro

Maxchip Pro is our classic power box that controls your fuel injection and thereby increases your car’s power and torque. Maxchip Pro works within the safety margins of the car manufacturer and does not change any values in the car’s central computer (ECU). It also leaves no traces behind, which means that you can return to the original state by disconnecting the box. You can easily install Maxchip Pro on your own, it only takes a few minutes but may vary slightly depending on the car model. With the box you also get a precise installation guide where we describe the installation process and help you find the right connections.

  • Up to 20% power increase
  • Up to 25% more torque

  • Up to 10% fuel savings
  • 12 month product warranty

This is what you get with Maxchip Pro

Up to 20% power increase

Up to 10%
fuel savings

Up to 25% more torque

12 month product warranty

30 day
return policy