Smart tips for optimum fuel consumption

Eco Driving Tips

Combine Eco Driving with one of our products for optimum fuel consumption

High gear

The basic principle is to drive on the highest possible gear (and thus the lowest rpm). Therefore, try skipping gears. Go from first to third. From third to fifth. The highest gear can be used from 50 km/h.

Go easy on the accelerator

Do not accelerate excessively and do not let the engine rev up unnecessarily.

Use the engine brake (release the accelerator pedal and shift down) instead of foot brake. With engine brake, you turn off the fuel supply down to 1,500 revolutions. Shift just before 1,500 revolutions and keep the fuel shut off.


Let the car coast without stepping on the gas in steep descents (it can be worthwhile to put the gear in the neutral position for very steep descents) and use the acceleration to get uphill. Avoid accelerating uphill.

Check the brakes

Make sure the brakes are not applied, the car should roll lightly.

Turn off engine or Use Autostop

If you have to stop for more than a minute, in a traffic jam or at traffic lights, turn off the engine. Do not disconnect the Autostop function if the car has one.

Turn off the AC whenever possible

Never use the AC (air conditioning) other than when it is absolutely necessary as it uses some of the power that the engine develops to move the AC pump.

Cruise control

Avoid using cruise control on uneven and hilly roads. For cars with automatic gearbox, it is important to drive smoothly and to gear up as early as possible.