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Power boxes for more power at less consumption

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Make the most of the resources you already have

With Maxchip chip tuning, your car’s performance and fuel injection are optimized. You can thereby maximize the car’s existing resources in a safe manner. The box is easily fitted in just a few minutes, resulting in more horsepower while saving fuel at the same time.


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        Chip tuning for driving pleasure

        When you have a car you like, you should of course utilize the car's full potential. Maxchip enables you to optimize your car's existing resources with more power and increased driving pleasure as a result.

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        Quality and precision

        Chip tuning is what we’re good at. With over 25 years of experience and our own research and development department, we make sure that you always get the latest technology.

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        Quick and easy fitting

        Quality and simplicity are important to us. We have therefore put great resources into developing products that can be fitted quickly and easily, without any prior knowledge or special tools.

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        Customer’s opinions

        Driving has never been more fun

        I’ve had Maxchip Premium for four months now and finally I get to experience the car's full potential. So exciting!

        Emil Holmberg

        Solid investment

        Awesome product! Saved the money I spent on Maxchip Flashtuning within six months through reduced consumption.

        Olivia Green

        More car for your money

        Finally, I can maximize my car's resources in a simple and safe way without making permanent changes. Thanks to Maxchip! 

        Ronny Hagen

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